Tomorrow Comes Today

"Don't think I'll be here too long."

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  2. kissmedeadly24 said: I’m so sorry Repo :( I know it’s going to be hard for you, but if you need anything or anyone to talk to to help, you know I’m here <3 -internet hug-
  3. ilanathepurple said: At the beginning of the year, I lost my Scott. He was 12 y-o. So I know the feeling and… all I can think of is the sadness within. I hope you’ll be fine… *hugs* It’s so hard, but… I hope you have the strength to go on.
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  5. francesca-mercedes said: R.I.P tazz . im sorry for your loss repo :’( * big hugs to all the family*
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  7. missusshamalamadingdong said: I’m so sorry for your loss! My whole family still mourns our old friend Rafiki. Our hearts are with you guys! :(